Love and Rage: Sudden Blogstart

Whoa! Suddenly I have a blog, and suddenly I’m driven to post. I wasn’t ready. I thought I’d have a chance to add a subtitle: “An occasional blog by Ray Reece, author of ‘Abigail in Gangland,’ a new novel, and other works of literature and journalism, most of the latter political.” Forgive me my brevity and incompleteness in this first shot. I’ll be back soon.

Let me add only for now that the original title of the blog–a book to be, in collaboration with my readers–was “Love, Rage and Local Turf.” I’ve shortened it for space, not to eliminate “Local Turf.” On the contrary, the word “Love” refers above all to love of local community, to love of one’s fellows in that community, to love of one’s local turf and environment. It also refers to love of the larger global environment, the biosphere in its primal state–its seas and rivers, its plains and forests and mountains and sky, its flora and fauna, its infinite wealth of species–before the predations of human beings gone mad for wealth and self-glorification, particularly since the rise of the Industrial Age and advanced capitalism in the 19th century. (This isn’t to say that “Love” won’t sometimes refer in this blog to romantic and sexual love, as it does so often in my novels and short stories.)

The word “Rage” in my title refers to the fury we should all be feeling in the face of those predations . . .

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